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Heat Pump Installers Cambridgeshire

Air-source heat pumps provide you with an efficient heating and cooling system for your home. If installed properly, it can give you up to three times more energy than the electrical energy it needs to function. Air source heat pumps are so efficient because they transfer heat from one medium to

Why are solar panels becoming popular in the UK?

Innovation and improving technology are a constant when it comes to anything sustainable. Solar energy is one such solution that is being adopted by many for residential as well as commercial spaces. The UK has seen one of the largest numbers of solar panel setups, even in comparison to Europe.

Air Source Heat Pumps Can Meet Your Domestic Heating Needs

Air source heat pumps are a tried and tested heating system that have been in use across Europe for years. Their innovative method of absorbing existing heat allows for significant savings on energy costs, as the absorbed heat can be used to fuel radiators, underfloor heating, warm air convectors and

Switching to Solar, is it worth it?

Planning to lead a more sustainable life? Solar panels are one of the first things that you must consider in that case. Not only are they a sustainable energy source, solar panels are also economical. It is one of the most effective ways of going eco-friendly and saving money at the

Green Energy Installers

GlenEco is a specialist in domestic and commercial renewable heating solutions and energy installations. Our services include the installation of air source heat pumps, solar panels, air conditioners and more. As our name suggests we are continuously working towards renewable, green, sustainable solutions and providing professional, high quality levels of service

Modern Air Conditioning System

Did you know that air conditioners are 4 times more effective at both cooling and heating the air in your homes and businesses? Modern air conditioning systems use Heat Pump technology to generate (heat) and remove (cool) thermal energy from a building in an efficient and cost-effective way. An air