Solar panels provide you with one of the most economical ways of generating energy. We have already seen the benefits of installing solar panel technology at home. But does this help reduce your dependency on grid electricity?

The answer is yes, it does! With the advancement in solar panel technology every home and commercial property can benefit significantly from these technological innovations. Once such technology is the self-consumption battery storage system, which allows you to store any extra energy that is generated during the day for use at night. Adding this to your system means that your dependency on the electrical grid is reduced as your energy consumption with electricity produced by your solar panel system increases.

As well as making you self-reliant, it will also help to bring down your electricity bills further as you will be utilising all of the energy that your solar panels generate.

Battery storage technology has significantly improved over the past few years meaning it is now easier and cheaper to fully benefit from full use of the free, zero-carbon electricity you produce every day. With this system in place, you will become much less dependent on grid energy, safeguarding you from the rising electricity prices.

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