Air-source heat pumps provide you with an efficient heating and cooling system for your home. If installed properly, it can give you up to three times more energy than the electrical energy it needs to function. Air source heat pumps are so efficient because they transfer heat from one medium to the other instead of converting it from a fuel like combustion heating systems. The air source heat pump technology is continuously improving and has advanced to an extent that it now offers an efficient and compact heating alternative even in colder regions.
Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump Installation
·  These systems save you a considerable amount of money, especially if you are replacing conventional heating systems. In comparison to conventional heating systems such as electric heating systems, oil or gas boilers, these are cheaper to run
·  Air source heat pumps are environmentally-friendly and have lower carbon emissions
·  There are no additional headaches or hassle of dealing with fuel deliveries. You do not even need space for fuel storage and the system itself is quite compact
·  Air source heat pumps work efficiently to heat your home as well as producing hot water
·  There is very little maintenance required
·  Heat pumps can be fully automated and are less demanding than biomass boilers
·  Heat pumps are absolutely safe as there is no question of combustion or emission of potentially dangerous gases
·  Air source heat pumps have a longer working life when compared to the rest
·  They can alternatively also act as cooling systems for summers
·  Air source heat pumps are easier to install compared to Ground Source Heat Pumps
These are some of the benefits of air source heat pumps. If you are looking for Heat pump installers in Cambridgeshire, get in touch with us today.