A solar power system is an environmentally friendly solution to powering your commercial space while also reducing your monthly expenditure. At GlenEco we provide system installation services of the highest professional standards. Our commercial solar panels will reduce your carbon footprint as well as the energy bills of your commercial property.  A commercial solar power system can completely replace your current energy source and any excess electricity generated can be fed into the grid to generate additional income. We can design a bespoke solar power system that suits your commercial property and your energy consumption in order to reduce your monthly outlay.
How will it benefit your business?
· A well-designed solar power system will make your business energy independent. You do not need to rely on the national grid for your requirements.
· Your monthly outlay with solar energy will remain stable as there is no question of fluctuating prices.
· Having a solar power system for your business will enhance your company’s green credentials as your carbon footprint is reduced drastically.
· Installing a solar system can be beneficial when it comes to saving taxes as well.
· A solar power system requires very little maintenance. An annual clean-up of the panels is enough to keep the output at optimum levels. A good quality solar power system can easily have a minimum of 25-year life span.
· A business premise powered by a solar system has better value.
Why not give us a call to discuss the benefits of solar panels, air-source heat pumps, and other renewable energy systems. We serve both our local Cambridgeshire area as well as installing solar panel systems right across the UK.