Forget the UK Green Deal – The Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) offers the UK’s most attractive Alternative Energy Grants

You may have read in the national press that the Government’s much publicised Green Deal has hit some major snags.

Having set aside £1.5bn in funding to help UK homeowners make the switch to renewable energy for their domestic heating and hot water systems, it seems things have gone pear shaped.

The grants were meant to be readily available to consumers, to make it as easy as possible to dispense with environmentally harmful gas and oil powered central heating.

But it has been revealed that the American company assigned to run the scheme have failed to distribute more than a fraction of the budget – leaving renewable energy installers and their clients in the lurch. The Green Deal has ground to a halt with no indication that the flow of grant money will ever reach its intended levels.

That’s the bad news – and we sympathise with any homeowners who’ve found themselves caught up in this administrative horror show.

But there is good news to impart. There is another Government approved scheme in place that has been successfully running for years, which offers grants for domestic renewable energy systems. What’s more, it’s even better than the Green Deal!

It’s called the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI). You may have heard of it.  In fact, we are already promoting this scheme with gusto on the GlenEco website.

Furthermore, RHI doesn’t have any of the frustrating admin delays associated with the Green Deal. Funding is approved in a speedy fashion, enabling us to press on with our alternative renewable energy installations without delay.

Who is Eligible for RHI?

Established in 2014, the domestic RHI scheme is available to the vast majority of homeowners across the UK looking to install heating and hot water systems, powered by natural renewable energy. It is intended as much for those seeking to replace an existing gas or oil-fired central heating system as it is for first time installations.

Grants are only available on heating systems which have been certified by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and installed by companies that are MCS accredited, within what’s known as the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). GlenEco fulfill all these criteria – we are fully approved and have already undertaken a considerable number of RHI-backed installations.

Which types of heating come under the RHI umbrella?

The full GlenEco range of renewable heating products is covered by RHI. This extends to our air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar panel installations.

How much can you expect to be paid back with RHI support?

The size of grant is determined by the size of property. For your average three bedroomed house where an air source heat pump heating system is being installed, the overall payout will amount to about £11,000. Despite all the fanfare about the Green Deal, the reality is that homeowners will receive more in grant assistance under the RHI than would have been possible with the Green Deal.

Is the money paid in one lump?

No, the way RHI works is that it is paid every year for the first seven years after your alternative energy system has been installed. The whole point of renewable energy is that it is much cheaper to run than expensive gas and oil powered central heating. So, not only do you get paid in grant money for many years into the future, but you will also enjoy immediate savings on your heating bills, compared to running a gas boiler, for instance.

Is it easy to apply for RHI?

Yes. We do all the leg work for you. To get your RHI application under way, simply contact us. Approval comes through OFGEM, the energy regulator. In our experience, the process is extremely efficient, meaning we should be able to get your RHI-approved installation under way in no time at all. And all this despite the coronavirus restrictions.

How long does the scheme run for?

For all installations that were commissioned on or after 1 March 2019, RHI applications remain open until 31 March 2022.

To conclude…

In our view, there has never been a better time to start the process towards introducing renewable energy into your home. The attractive range of grants available under RHI offer a smooth transition away from the exorbitant costs of gas central heating. In its place, you can look forward to a future sustained by a reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly energy source.

And should you have been a victim of the recent Green Deal funding fiasco, don’t worry. We can easily redirect you towards an RHI grant – with all the added benefits this will bring.

For more information about GlenEco’s superb range of air source and ground source heat pumps and solar powered heating options – and how affordable they each are with Renewable Heat Initiative grant aid – call GlenEco today on 0800 804 4933 or simply run the heat pump assessment app.