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Specialists In Renewable Heating

Based in Ramsey near Huntingdon, GlenEco, specialists in renewable heating, are working continuously across the nation to provide domestic and commercial renewable energy installations. We take pride in providing professional and high quality service and workmanship.

As consumers we are growing more and more knowledgeable about our individual impact on the environment. We are looking for inexhaustible but green, sustainable solutions. Renewable heating in our homes is an energy efficient and eco friendly solving problem. GlenEco also looks at the personal cost benefits. GlenEco will help you find the right sustainable solution to power your home with green energy.

Heat Pumps

The air source heat pump is a tried and tested heating system that has been widely used across Europe for years.

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Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are 4 times more effective at both cooling and heating the air in your homes and businesses.

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Solar Panels

Solar panels are one of the best ways to save money whilst saving the environment, using the latest battery technology.

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The UK Government’s (RHI) scheme means that you could receive quarterly cash payments over seven years.

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Our Work

Take a look at some of our recent work, we work throughout the UK and always provide the best service.

Our Core Values

GlenEco was founded by Glen Jones, an experienced engineer who specialises in Heat Pumps. Originally from Hastings, Glen relocated to France as a teen where he trained and worked for many years as a Heat Pump and Gas & Heating Engineer. Now relocated to Ramsey near Huntingdon, his work now takes him all over the UK.

Trusted Partners

We work in conjunction with HIES, a consumer protection organisation that covers the installation of renewable energy and home energy efficiency products. They aim to transform consumer protection within the home energy market by respecting, protecting and educating the consumer. All trusted installers within HIES’s network must be endure a rigorous accreditation process and are subject to annual vetting to ensure that they are adhering to the scheme’s rules and codes of practice.

Renewable Heating Solutions

GlenEco will help you find those solutions and make them a reality.


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